Sunday, June 12, 2011


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This photo was taken on Tuesday--when it was 100 degrees here. Had to improvise on a water feature for the duck--but she (or he) managed to take care of business.
Lately we've had conversations like this:
Sam, "I'm going to go till the garden."
Me, "Ok, I'll go along and do some weeding."
Duck, But  I just got out of my pen for the day. I thought this was family time. I've been lonely
Me, "What about the duck?"
Sam,"We can take her along."
Duck, ? Not exactly what I had in mind?
Sam put the duck in a laundry basket, set it in the back of the pickup and off we went.

Second warning: To be continued
Note to Vaunda:  Yes there is only one duck...the other a casualty of a "let's put the ducks in an outdoor pen" experiment.


  1. From Vaunda: After reading the Capper's article, I think he/she is yearning for a puddle. I also noticed it is no longer a "Peeper" but has graduated to a noisy, outspoken "Quacker" who is desperate to learn the language...

  2. I love your new little pet! This is embarassing to admit, but I can help you figure out if this is a boy or girl duck. (I'm going back to my 4-H days here.) If it's a male, he will have a little curled up feather on his back, right over the butt. If there's no curled up tail feather, it's most likely a girl. -Katie