Friday, November 15, 2013

Fresh paint--A post for Seetin Sibs

Sorry for the boring topic but I wanted to share a few photos of Moms house after a total reprinting . I don't have any of the basement which is probably the most dramatic..Mom would be happy to know that a sweet family of 6 is now settling in. They will live there while they work on restoring a farm house ( Larson place). These are just taken with my phone so hope you get some idea of how it looks. I hope to get a picture of Lance and Cori and their kids but they are kind of busy. I am heaving a sigh of relief--and feeling blessed!
I have new carpet ordered for the living room that should be done a a couple weeks. Still waging a battle with the washing machine but will give it one more service call from Jerome. If that doesn't work, we will call time of death. I have several options for good used machines, Lukas has one and theres a good one here at the school. Lance and Cori also have one that they may just put in.
Because I did this from my phone, I can't put in captions, but when you get to the picture of the bed in the little room, notice the headboard. It looked so horrible, I thought it should be burned, but gave it a heavy dose of lemon oil and WOW, not perfect, but a great improvement. 
Also, Vaunda gets the credit for the extreme makeover of the kitchen cupboards and removing the stained glass contact paper from the glass blocks around the door.