Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sunday Scenes

A beautiful Sunday here and a good family day enjoyed with Kent. For most of the weekend we savored the leftover smoked chicken and ribs from George and Daniel's visit accompanied with cheesy potatoes, asparagus and fresh lettuce from the garden

On the menu for lunch today
Beer braised Johnsonville Brats perfectly smoked with apple wood served on atop a bed of rustic local Vintage 2010 sauerkraut 
 (photo re-enactment--too busy stuffing our faces at noon to grab the camera)

Olivia took a break from playing outside to have "quiet" time playing pac man
And Mr. H, well look at this folks
Later on, we all went to the garden to plant some yellow peppers and pick the lettuce
A baby summer squash, what an unexpected surprise
Pea blossom
 Two peas in a pod

Radish Raider


  1. Way too sweet altogether! Now I wonder where the Beaker is...

  2. ...and Harrison pulling himself up???

  3. Sweet, sweet garden and children pictures. That 2010 sauerkraut and smoked brats look WONDERFUL!!! When you're from York County, PA, life is all about sauerkraut and pork, sauerkraut and potatoes, sauerkraut and hot dogs, and just plain aged sauerkraut. I used to add some soy to the sauerkraut pot - liked the color and taste. The children are sprung from the soil they occupy - what joyous pictures.

  4. That picture of Olivia and Harrison could be any pair of the Seetin cousins, anytime between 1972 and 1992!