Wednesday, February 23, 2011


This is what (part of) a months worth of mail looks like when removed from its hiding place in a drawer.

Having fun is hard work. 
But so worth moments like this
 And this
It's the little things, like spending time making Hulk footprints...
That keep me sane here at the Hodge Podge Lodge.

Because these last few days of our stay are the hardest. That's all I'm saying. For now.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Photo of the Day

Another police officer murdered in St. Petersburg Fl, grain markets down, crude prices up.
And I'm wondering who taught these pelicans to read and how to they get their money?

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Lodge Talk Part Deux

Part of our daily routine here at the AMI Hodge Podge Lodge is wasting spending time doing this
 And this

It makes for some interesting conversations--for example:
Sam:    Are we going to blurt or not blurt this time?
(referring to our house rules about keeping the answer to oneself until all players have arrived at the correct response. Involves, but not limited to gloating, hand-raising, hints, groans and an occasional obscene gesture)
Me: No blurting, unless, of course you guys think we should blurt this time.
Everyone: OK, no blurting.
Me: First puzzle:
   6 letter word that follows each of these words
Everyone:  Pall?
Me: P-A-L-L
Sam:  What's that?
Me: It's something to do with death
Mom (explaining to Sam): Like a pall-bearer
Me: Way to give the answer Mom. We said "no blurting"
Mom: I didn't mean to give the answer--it just kind of fell out.
Me: Which, to the best of my knowledge, is blurting.
Mom: Not really, I wasn't trying to give the answer, I was just trying to explain what it meant. It's only blurting if you know it's the answer.
Me:  Sound of cork popping from wine bottle.

We Interrupt This Vacation

For the following
Which progressed to this
Sam and I both came down with bad colds. The bad news is, we were out of commission for a couple days. The good news is, after a trip to a walk-in clinic and 4 prescriptions later, we are both feeling much better. Sam was hit especially hard with a horrible cough.

So, it's a new day here at the beach. Forecast for the next week in the upper 70s with plenty of sunshine.
Things are looking up.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Lodge talk

Louise:  There were some guys windsurfing at the beach today
Me: Yes, I saw them when I came back from my walk
Louise: I looked up and the one guy was bare-naked. He was changing into his wet suit.
Me: (at table working on computer--suddenly paying closer attention) W00--H00, Louise, did you get flashed?
Louise: I guess maybe I did
Mom: She was kind of disappointed it was only the back side.


  Number of photos I loaded from the camera to the computer

Number of sunset photos taken so far
Number of pictures Sam has taken of sand castles

  Number of times it took for me to get a picture of August in his Spiderman sunglasses

Number of minutes August wore sunglasses
Number of pictures of food--apparently Sam is attempting a detailed photo diary
Really detailed
(more or less) number of pictures of August at beach

The number of times I will ever tire of seeing this 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I drove up to the house today

And thought I saw the grim reaper.
But it was just Mom
In her winter coat
With the hood up
walking with her walking stick

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Beach Blotting

It has been said that one picture is worth a thousand words. Spend a few moments studying this photo snapped by Addie.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Star Fish

Didn't get these posted last night, but here are a few shots of our trip to the Star Fish Company in Cortez.

Sam had a Cortez special with shrimp and oysters
I had shrimp and grits

Somebody was too busy eating to be bothered
She had the grilled grouper

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Life on the beach

Mom and I are home alone while Louise and Sam make a run to the library and the hardware store. It's been a quiet, good day here. Here's the front of our house--I talked Mom into posing
It's nothing fancy. But we like the location and that it is all on one level--no steps.
This morning I went to the post office. As I put the car in reverse, there was a loud HONK! A small red car darted behind me. I wasn't even close to backing up and thought I had been victim of premature road rage. The junky red Jetta pulled into a parking spot and as soon as I looked at the license plate, it made perfect sense.
New York.
I stand guilty of license plate profiling. It happens a lot here. Just listen to the locals and read the letters to the editor in the island paper.

We are off to the Star Fish Company now....maybe I'll post pictures of our dinner when we get back.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I really don't know

what to say about this photo.
Mom is on the left, Louise on the right. It was a little breezy. I think Mom is afraid to take off her coat. It's kind of a Minnesotan security blanket. She would never want any of her relatives to know she was out in her "shirtsleeves" on Feb 1