Monday, June 27, 2011

Frog Story

I found a fun, whimsical piece of garden art this weekend. I love frogs--in moderation--they have to strike my fancy.I brought it home and placed it (temporarily) outside my kitchen window.
I went out to snap a quick photo and noticed a twig protruding from the frog's mouth. On close inspection, I found that an industrious wren had already started a nest in its mouth. It has been less than 2 days and already my object d'art is violated.

Miss Bea watched intently as I took my photographs tonight. I asked her if she wanted me to take her picture.
She's a poser

There's more to the story but I had a photo malfunction. 


  1. Wonder if Bea will be threatened by the baby wren's in the frog?

  2. Wrens are like fieldmice with wings! Sparky does enjoy them, though; when they decide to wiggle through a tiny hole in the screened porch. he gives thanks for "nature's nachos". Bea has such dignity.

  3. Today went back to "more Bea" and printed some pictures to send to Sophie Miller at camp. Bea IS a poser - and a cute one, too!