Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't cry over spilled....

I can be a messy person. I am most certainly a messy cook. I believe I have a genetic predisposition that enables me to ignore a stray sock on the floor for an indefinite period of time. Until an internal switch flips and I cannot tolerate clutter or messiness in any form.

So, what I'm saying is, cleaning up after myself is as normal as checking for chin hair. But I do believe I've achieved a personal best for messiness today.

I was up early this morning and about to settle down on the couch with my coffee, my laptop and the TV remote. As I reached for the laptop, I knocked over the full cup of hot coffee and spilled it on my leg and the couch.

It wasn't even light outside yet.

Mom usually eats breakfast before we leave the house, but this morning I wanted to get going, so I packed up her breakfast of leftover pancakes, bacon and her daily glass of cherry juice along with her lunch.

As I was walking into her house carrying the lunch bag, I felt something cold hit my leg and looked down to see a trail and a puddle of cherry juice. I didn't have the lid on tight.

I quickly mopped up juice and hurried out the door.

I've been working at my desk and decided to put up a quick blog post.

About spilling.

And guess what happened

Do they make thermal sippy-cups?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Monday, March 22, 2010


Lukas and Denise brought me these beautiful flowers on Saturday. I found a vase and Denise carefully arranged them. We celebrated Lukas’ birthday Saturday night with pastrami cooked in the smoker, made into an open face sandwich accompanied by German potato salad and a big green salad. Denise’s dad (her mom was sick) and Louise joined us. It was a great evening filled with food, laughter, basketball and moon cake.

Later in the evening, as the guests were leaving, I noticed that one of the lilies had wilted. As I picked up the vase, I could see the problem.

There was no water.

I quickly filled the vase with water and within moments the flowers began to revive.

I’ve been thinking about those flowers ever since. They are so beautiful and fragrant but were nearly lost simply because of neglect. I didn’t mean to hurt them, I was distracted and busy.

As you can see, I haven’t blogged in over a month. I haven’t wanted to blog. I haven’t wanted to do much of anything. I’ve been sleepless, anxious, irritable and discouraged. I’m not sure how much I will share at this time, but it’s been a long winter—not good for the roofing business. Many other small business owners are in the same boat.

It’s getting better. I think.

A few days ago, I was editing an article entitled “Good Roots” written by Kim Reutzel for an upcoming Womeninc magazine. Comparing personal growth to gardening, she writes:
Those velvety red roses I talked about planting last month would not have been so spectacular had they not been watered, placed in good soil and received the right amount of sun and space to grow. A gardener must make sure to pull the weeds around the roses so they could get enough sunlight and to water them regularly to keep them healthy and bountiful. The seed needed the correct environment and nutrients to flourish and prosper, and so do you.

She suggests:

Water your thoughts with daily doses of whatever is positive, right, pure and fruitful. Whenever you notice a negative thought come to your mind, purposefully replace it with something outrageously wonderful. Don't let the pollutants of negativity wilt your day.

Life is going to have challenges and you can choose to remain in darkness and only focus on the problem, which will never solve anything, or you can open up your mind to focus on solutions to your problem to find a better way and a brighter future.

My heart has been like that empty vase filled with beautiful flowers.

It’s time for some gardening of the soul.

I guess that’s it for now. But I’ll be back.