Friday, June 10, 2011

Is it Possible

that wearing a pair of sensible work shoes actually improves productivity? I'm going to try it again today-- although I have already accomplished quite a bit here at home--barefoot and in pjs.Yesterday, I dressed to work in the garden: t-shirt, yoga pants and a pair of brown shoes I dug out of the bottom of the hall closet. They felt a little tight--probably because my feet are totally flattened out from wearing sandals.

I did not accomplish my goal of cleaning out my inbox by noon. Not even close. I must have been on a bit of a caffeine high when I wrote that.

Some of it was easy

Some of it was more difficult

But at 5:45 PM it was DONE!

I do believe it was the shoes

1 comment:

  1. I'm usually barefoot unless gardening. My UPS man always notes my bare feet when I'm outside in the driveway during winter. I tell him I have "Hobbit feet".

    I may have to try the shoe thing and analyze my productivity. Maybe I'll get my pots and pans scrubbed quicker, the floor swept more frequently, catch up on the laundry...