Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm no food stylist

Who needs it. This is fresh picked asparagus, lettuce and some rather gnarly radishes.

When we were growing up, Mom always served fresh leaf lettuce with a delicious creamy dressing. I now have mastered the secret. Here are the ingredients

After working with Mom as my taste tester, I can now make the dressing that Grandma Seetin taught her to make.
 I wish I could give you the quantities, but every batch is different. My only advice is to start with a generous amount of cream or half and half, a small amount of vinegar and sweeten to taste. Must have a dash of salt and pepper. 
Gnarly radishes are good. And green onions when they are ready.

Tomorrow, my "secret" asparagus sauce.


  1. We both blogged about food today!! And both of us talked about cream. No wonder I like you :)

  2. I made the creamy dressing twice already. Different each time but great tasting each time, too! Served it over fresh greens from my garden. In case I sound like a super gardener or something, please note that the greens grew all by themselves. Leftover from last year somehow.

  3. Hurray for volunteer greens!!I don't think mine will ever taste as good as I remember it tasting when Mom made it. It might be the greens. She always grew the standard leaf lettuce (Black seeded?) but I like the mixed greens. I have also made it with balsamic vinegar but it's kind of a weird, unappetizing color.
    Myrna, when are we going to get together IRL? Not that I'm not enjoying our virtual relationship, but perhaps it's time to take it to the next level.