Monday, March 28, 2011


After church in the morning, Kent and I went to the hospital. Mom had been sitting in the chair and was exhausted and sore. I talked to her nurse and she said they were holding off on giving her anything but ice chips for now. There was some swelling in her abdomen and they are being cautious. Her kidneys were also not putting out enough urine so they were giving her some Lasix.

Mark, Kent and I left her to nap while we went for lunch (weekend cafeteria food leaves something to be desired--it had been quite good) As we were leaving, I looked at her catheter bag and commented to Mom that things definitely were improving down there.

When I came back in, her care attendant came in to check on her and checked her bag, I heard her say "Whoa"

She proceeded to empty about 2000 milliliters. Mom's eyes opened wide when she saw the first liter-and the sweet gal said, "Wilma, I'm not even done yet!" She charted the information and we all agreed that Mom should be awarded gold star.
When they checked her vitals a little later, her blood oxygen was only 85 so they put her back on oxygen. I read some emails to Mom, Pioneer Womans Blog and our devotional reading for the day.
I left about 3--I needed to get some groceries.Went to Sam's Club and lost my focus so ended up coming home with a bunch of stuff I hope I will eventually need.

When I came home, Sam had vacuumed the whole house--so no more dust bunnies (for now)

Zac, Amber, Olivia and Harrison came for dinner. Zac had made a pork roast so we had pork sandwiches, salad, chips. He had even baked a  chocolate cake for dessert! Kent and Mark arrived about 7:30. It's good to eat together at least once a day.

Mark and Kent are heading up to the hospital this morning, hoping to be there when the doctors check on Mom. I have to go to the office and try to get something done before I go visit Mom.

Overall, she's doing well. Sitting up in the chair and taking a few steps is so draining for her--but necessary. Thankfully, she is comfortable enough with the pain meds to be able to rest and nap easily.

It's hard to believe this journey all began a week ago today.

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