Thursday, March 31, 2011

Information overload

Way too many posts today...for which I humbly apologize. However am sitting in mom's room and she has fallen asleep. Wanted to write this when i was still thinking about it.

Last night we were reading from an Amish cookbook that I just put on my kindle. When we came to the chapter about canning, the author/editor wrote that canning and preserving is an important part of Amish cooking. He wrote that there is one item grown in the garden that is unsuitable for canning. I paused for a moment to see if mom was still listening.
"Rhubarb" she said
And she was right.


  1. I love it! Can't even imagine canning rhubarb. So glad to hear gram is paying attention - she's still got it!

  2. I can remember trying it - like a rebel. Too much water turns to slime...

  3. Hmm, that reminds me. There's still a big bag of rhubarb in my freezer. I might need to make those custardy shortbready rhubarb bars...

  4. The triple-berry mixture from TJoes makes an awesome rhubarb crisp. (Verla's discovery) Buy a carton of heavy cream while at TJ's or get a (favorite or-) rich ice cream. Then proceed with your custardy shortbready rhubarb bars - and post the recipe for the "custardy" part.<3

  5. All this rhubarb discussion is going to cause your Mom to ask for rhubarb pie along with that fried chicken.

  6. Addie's rhubarb recipe is in this Rhubarbarama post from last year:

    I can hardly wait for fresh rhubarb. We made many batches of the muffins last year.