Saturday, March 26, 2011


I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you. Genesis 28: 15

God spoke these words to Jacob in his dream when he saw the stairway to heaven. The occasion for this dream was Jacob's flight from home because his brother Esau had vowed to kill him for deceiving their father Isaac and stealing Esau's blessing. Even in all his failings, God demonstrated unconditional love by promising His presence, protection and provision

This is a portion of the devotion Mom and I read last night. She dozed off and on as I read a few other selections from the book--we have fallen behind in our readings. But I kept coming back to that verse--a promise that can never be broken. Even when we are lost in our own confusion, grief and suffering.

As the afternoon progressed, Mom began to feel a little better and even smiled when we read some cards and notes. She is somewhat confused--but the nurses feel she is doing well. 

The surgeon came and talked to Mom and told her what she found during the surgery. I'm not sure if Mom will remember or not as she is taking a lot of medication. When she left, Mom went back to resting and didn't bring the subject up again. 

The drive home is a good time for me to begin to process the day's events and re-enter the real world. Where there is nothing to eat  and laundry to do. Everything has happened so fast, I really haven't had time to keep up here at home. I made us an omelet and toast-a favorite quick and comforting meal. This morning I am up early and getting the laundry done and house picked up. Going to put something in the crock pot  before I leave for the hospital. 

This is my prayer for the day taken from the devotional:
Lord Jesus, our travels seem insignificant compared to your travels from heaven above to earth below. Thank you for making the journey for us and for our salvation. Watch over us when we travel and encourage us in the knowledge that you go with us. Amen

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  1. Lovely and comforting, Nina -- and elegant as you always are. I am continuing to pray for your strength along with Mom's recovery. Only God can provide the kind of strength that is needed -- this is well beyond our capacity. Thanks for keeping us updated. Love you, Verla