Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's going to take awhile

To bring this blog up to speed. Lots of stuff going on.

New vehicle
New recipes
An upsetting experience involving a windshield installed by a local business whose name rhymes with "Wets Class"
Hearing aids.
Yes, hearing aids
You heard me
Hearing aids
Sam: I have my appointment at the hearing aid place tomorrow morning. Did you want to go along?
Me (aloud): No, precious, I totally trust your judgment and ability to take care of it.
Me (unspoken): He** no! I don't make you go the the gynecologist with me or watch me have a mammogram. Some things are better left outside the boundaries of the marital relationship. At our age, it's hearing aids

I've also subscribed to the online version of the Bradenton Herald. Which probably shouldn't be such a big deal.
But it is. To me. To us.
Because that means we can do the Word Warp
So, because I love you all very much, here is today's puzzle

Find the word in common by the 3 words in each puzzle. The three solution words will then form a fourth puzzle. The numbers indicate the answer length and the + sign tells you the position: (I feel just like Jeff Probst, "Survivors Ready?")

Matzo +              4       +  ________
Meat +

Tea +
Bath +               5         +  __________
Paper +

Bird +
Road  +             5         +  __________
Field +

Final answer       5          ____________

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