Friday, March 25, 2011

Verse 2

Every day the Lord Himself is near me,
With a special mercy for each hour;
All my cares He fain would bear and cheer me,
He whose name is Counsellor and Pow'r.
The protection of His child and treasure
Is a charge that on Himself He laid;
"As thy days, thy strength shall be in measure,"
This the pledge to me He made.

My cell phone rang as I passed the Winnebago city limits. It was Mom's nurse telling me that they would be taking her to surgery in a few moments. They were early and as usual, I was running late--but I had to take care of some things at the office that of course took longer.  I so wanted and needed to see her before surgery but also knew that Mom is in good hands and would understand. 
But I still felt like a bad daughter.
So my mercy for this hour was that  when the nurse took me down to the surgery area, Mom was still in the holding room so we had about 5 minutes before they took her off. 
Timing. I've thought a lot about that lately. And God's timing allowed for those much needed moments with Mom.
So now it is a matter of waiting. And praying. There is a computer screen that tracks the surgical patients. here in the waiting room
Also a TV. 
I'm sitting by the aquarium. At least the fish are quiet.

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  1. Praying for the procedure to go well. I've been on both sides of this equation, having surgery and being in the waiting room. In a way the waiting part is harder. When having surgery there is no sense of time, just a skip forward and a hard time waking up. If they are successful with the laparoscopy approach recovery will be so much easier.