Thursday, March 31, 2011


to news about Mom, Kent and I were waiting for the elevator to go home yesterday afternoon.
I said, "Wow, what is that smell?"
Kent replied, "I'm not sure but it's really strong"
"It smells like Cotton Candy"
"You're right, it does."
"Maybe it's coming from the nurse's break room"
I had noticed a woman sitting in a chair next to the window. I looked at her, I guess wondering if she was smelling the same thing.
She said, "It's my lotion"
"I think you smell my lotion."
"Oh, what is it called?"
"Cotton Candy"
I'm at a loss here folks. Cotton Candy scented lotion. Not my first choice of fragrance. EVER.
Who comes up with this stuff?


  1. Dave Bigelow and I had this conversation about 20 years ago when Vanilla was the hot new fragrance - who wants to smell like food, regardless of what food it is?

  2. Almost as bad as smelling like food is burning a candle that smells like apple pie or oatmeal cookies.

  3. Its funny you posted this, I our purchased a lotion a few years back and bath and body its was the scent of Carmel popcorn, I would wear it around Christmas. The only complaint I had was it made me really hungry for Carmel popcorn and Al kept chewing on my neck lol. He loves popcorn! Lol.

  4. Sorry about the spelling. Need bigger keypad on phone. Lol