Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moving up

But not really. We have moved to the 4th floor. What a difference--to go from a large, newly remodeled floor to the 1960s version. Not a private room--but at least other bed is empty.
It was a rocky start to the day and hard for Mom to make the change.
Met with her surgeon this morning and she is scheduled for mid-to-late morning. It will be a 2 - 3 hour surgery. They will first try to go with a small incision and cameras but may have to do the large incision if there is too much scar tissue or other problems.
 She has broken out in a big rash so they gave her some Benadryl. They didn't give her the anti nausea med to go with the morphine--but we've finally got everything under control and Mom is resting. We even listened to the closing markets report.
Mom is still on a liquid diet--but they stepped it up a notch today. We were pretty excited when we saw this arrive for lunch:
"Ooooo...this must be something good. Mom, let me take a picture for my blog." We speculated: Sushi? Steak? Fried chicken?

Not exactly
It felt good to hear her laugh, and laugh myself at "the big reveal"
Even so, it was encouraging to see Mom enjoy some pureed soup and this delicious perfectly toasted bread.
And ice cream!


  1. After being empty from stem to stern - must have tasted somewhat satisfying. Love to you - wish I were there...thanks for posting...

  2. I wish I could be with you two...I love you Nina and GG and thinking about you every minute. Looking out in the snow and imagining I'm in the MN snow with you...I hope you both have a restful evening before the surgery tomorrow. - e.n.

  3. The meal tray looked all too familiar to me, just a few months ago we were feeling like the hospital was our second home! Praying the Lord will be with the doctors and nurses as they operate and care for your mom. Praying the Lord will direct them to the exact spot where the cancer is and remove it completely! Praying the Lord lay His healing hands on her and also brings her comfort and strength. Thank you Nina for keeping us posted. God Bless.