Friday, October 30, 2009

Stuff like this is in really fine print in the "What to Expect When You Get Married" manual

Sam had an endoscopy yesterday afternoon. If anyone has ever had one, there are a couple side effects. He was really sleepy and didn't remember much of the day.

Which is a good thing.
Because the other side effect is copious amounts of gas.

He came out farting. A lot. I mean even for a man who can hold his own farting with the best of them. This was world class flatulence.

He cut the cheese in the waiting room, tooted down the hallway, ripped one at the drinking fountain and whiffied through the parking garage.

I maintained a safe following distance--an interval sufficient to let him know I was still there, but far enough away that you'd have to know us to put us together as a couple.

Here we are today:

Working on sudoku--No memory of yesterday's fart-fest

Me blogging about it

Let's just keep this between us, OK?

Because if he finds out, he'll make me tell you about my driving on the way home.


  1. Hilarious!!

    So, he doesn't read your blog? Mine doesn't either. Neither does my older son. I've told them I drop their names in there thinking it would make them curious, but no. *sigh*
    If the roles were reversed, I'd be on there in a heartbeat.

    Hope all is going well as far as the medical stuff goes.

  2. He does read it occasionally when he can figure out how to get to it. I think he knows something is up as I was laughing as I was writing it.
    Medically we are trying to arrive at a more effective treatment for chronic acid-reflux that has caused a condition called Barret's esophagus. Working on medication/diet/lifestyle changes that, as much as I hate to think about it, means losing weight (both of us)

  3. I'm laughing so hard, I almost peed my pants!
    When ready this I was thinking about Larry the Cable guys joke about old people's walking farts! Priceless.

    I hope you get to the bottom of his health issue LOL. MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU GUYS!

    Okay I best go to the bathroom now lol. God Bless

  4. Mom used to say that the little old ladies would walk through the Huntley store: pfft! pfft! :-P

  5. Can't tell you how good it felt to laugh! Your story's and writing is fun to follow.