Sunday, October 18, 2009

August in October

Addie and August have been here for a visit. They came Thursday and left about 11 this morning.

We went to Walmart

He is a busy little 19-month-old who loves anything with wheels and calls them “Beep Beeps.”

He has long, curly honey colored hair and a husky little chuckle. He doesn’t like my bathtub. He only eats if he’s hungry.

Obviously, that genetic tendency is not from me.

He likes to rearrange Gus' kibble and Gus is cool with that

He spends most of his time moving stuff around—tucking things here and there---dropping things through the railing around the staircase.

On Friday, I was working at the office. Addie had put August down for a nap and sent me a text message:

Where’s the remote?

I responded that I’d last seen it on the counter. About an hour later she sent this message:

Found it!

Only a mother would know to look in the pantry

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  1. Speaking of the cupboard, you may want to just do a quick peek to make sure he didn't put anything perishable in there...