Sunday, November 8, 2009

Where to Begin?

This may be a series of posts that goes in reverse order of occurrence. As much as I hate those movies that begin with the ending and unfold in a series of flashbacks, that may be the best way to catch up.

I was in the kitchen, we were just home from church, when my nephew Dan's pickup truck rumbled into the driveway. It's deer hunting--and he was stopping by to check in with the guys.

One look and I knew I had to grab the camera and get out there. Quick.

Don't you agree? Look close:

I love my red neck nephew. He's getting married in a couple weeks. His friend Mark was with him today, and said proudly, "This is his wedding gift."

Lukas laughed and said, "You know I was looking over your registry and was wondering how much of that stuff you'd picked out."
Dan replied, "This sure beats a bunch of wooden spoons."

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