Sunday, November 15, 2009

Pioneer Woman Quest Day 3 & 4

I still haven't heard anything. But I haven't given up hope. I'm leaving comments on Facebook--tried sending her a direct Tweet but you can only tweet people who follow you.

She doesn't follow me.

 Pioneer Woman,  I am still going to see you Saturday. I can hardy wait!


  1. She SHOULD follow you! :)

    Since she's mostly on the road with signings maybe she can't keep up with emails. I wonder if contacting her publisher would be a better approach? Of course, what do I know anyway? Just wishing you could get that interview.

  2. Any news from Pioneer Woman yet?
    I hope you can reach her and interview her for Womeninc.

    I was just at her website and spent way too much time looking at pictures, especially of Marlboro Man.

    Sorry to hear about your Aunt Dolly.

  3. When she signs your book give her something to remember you by. When I was looking for something to take LeAnn Thieman, Katie recommended I give her some flowers. She loved them. Being on the road like they are it is busy but lonely. And, I think Carol is on to something.