Sunday, November 15, 2009


I opened my phone to check the time during church today and it said I had a new voice mail. I didn't recognize the number and forgot about checking the voicemail until lunchtime.
It was my cousin Lonna and I knew as soon as I heard her voice that something was wrong. My Aunt Dolly, Mom's last surviving sister, passed away last night. Mom was shocked to hear the news--although Aunt Dolly's health had deteriorated over the past several weeks.
Mom finished her lunch and went to sit in her chair. After a few minutes, she said, "I think I want to go to my house for a little while. Somebody might be trying to call me."
I didn't raise any objection--Sam had to go to the school anyway and could drop her off. I realized that Mom probably just wanted some time to be alone. I picked her up late this afternoon and brought her back here. The past couple months have been a rough time for Mom-- too many losses. I am amazed by her resilience but also see some increased fragility in her physcially and emotionally.
So this week we will say goodbye to Amanda "Dolly" Falknor. A former school teacher and day care provider we will forever remember for her beautifully painted fingernails, her husky hearty laugh and her wavy strawberry blond hair that was its "natural" color to the very end.

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