Saturday, July 30, 2011

Busy as a Bea

Wowsa...this is some busy family. So much has been happening it may take a couple of posts.

The Hankster had some face time with his his daddy's cousin Calvin and girlfriend Ariana. Calvin reminds me of Hanks daddy. Hank looks like Calvin's daddy. It's all so confusing.
Olivia made her own pizza. She didn't share with me. We need to talk about sharing.
Harrison took a nap while Olivia made pizza. I like his shirt. It has flowers. I eat flowers. I like Hank
Olivia went to Bible School this week. She had lots of fun
We've had company all week....Aren't they pretty?
I ate pancakes. I love my Aunt Vaunda SO much!
They're still here--and seem to be making themselves at home. I'm fine, really, I can share, if I have to, as long as they stay away from my pond.
Oh, and Momma Duck wants me to apologize for the unedited photos. She lost her mouse. What's a mouse?

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