Sunday, July 3, 2011

Odds Are

that I am going to post on the odd numbered days in July.

This month I plan on doing a systematic cleaning and organizing of the house.
Everything is finally planted in the yard and deck
For now, until I change my mind.
Mosquitoes are awful.
Sam and I are at the love shack and spent most of the day landscaping:
Weeding, mulching and a planting few pots.
And watching the 3 guys smoke some pot

It looks much better but we are pooped.

Going out to dinner tonight with our friends Dick and Marlys Goodyear.
We haven't seen them in almost 2 years.
Using the mobile broadband for internet and it's really slow, so is the ipad.

To make this boring post more palatable, here are a couple photos of Harrison, both of which could be captioned:



  1. Top picture of Harrison is too precious - face looks like Louise in a way. Does Bea hang out in the garage when you go to the love shack? Just wondering. Thanks for the Harrison pix. His hair seems to be "Seetin" engendered, recognized by the similarity of mine before mousse...

  2. Bea has been doing well outside during the day when we've been at home. Kent put her in the garage Sunday night, let her out this morning and she was happy to see us this afternoon. She shows her love with a wing flapping display.
    It's a bit of a worry leaving her out and this is the first we've done it so far. Not sure what to do during the week when I'm at work.
    Re: Mr H's hair, you really need to see it to experience it--changes from day to day.