Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Guest Post

Hi everybody, Bea here.

Momma Duck  (MD) gave me the password to her blog and told me it was ok to post an update. There's been a lot going on around here lately.

Olivia started swimming lessons last week. Interesting concept. It isn't really that hard. But I have webbed feet. And my own sweet little pond. Olivia's pond is much bigger and more crowded.
It looks like a lot of fun. Do you think Daddy Duck (DD) would build me a diving board?

DD has been busy picking these

So MD can make this
Momma Duck wants me to show you this picture of the garden

Mr H visited last night--he is one busy little boy. It takes MD and DD to keep up with him. I think he needs a pond

Right now,  MD is busy folding and putting away laundry. I think I smell more jam cooking. She's really into this "I'm going to get organized and keep the house clean" kick and muttering about somebody named FlyLady . I think it's silly. But, then again, I'm a duck. And I poop wherever and whenever I want.

Do you want to see me flap my wings?


  1. Thanks Bea! Your tawny vest is the height of fashion. I remembered your natural coloration when I got dressed up today to get a pedicure. (I haven't been out much) You did a great job with your photography of *Olivia in the air* and handsome little man Harrison and his man-hands and toes in the same picture! Aside from the berries, I hope you are enjoying summer and water features wherever you can find them! Wishing you happiness! Great photo of wing-action, such as it is...looks impressive, but maybe - don't quit your running job.

  2. (not a picture of an airborne duck...)sweet

  3. I flap my wings when I am happy. Please come and see me. I love to go for runs.

  4. You are precious beyond expression! OK Bea - you are the first buddy who I could anticipate might instinctively understand my urge to pee whenever I leap or run! We can confine our runs to the nature settings where it may not be a problem, unless there are passing dogs or deer....I can plan for early August for sure! Back to ATL by 14th.