Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beginnings and Endings

Last night Sam and I went to the garden and picked our first summer squash and our last radish (yes, that grossly split, distorted red and white object was at one time a handsome radish in its prime). He picked our first raspberries and gathered the eggs.

Whenever we answer a question or solve a problem for her, Amber always says, "You know SO much about SO many things."
I should have said that to Mom more often. And paid closer attention to what she was saying.
Because I can't remember if the little eggs are the beginning or the ending. I remember Mom explaining it to us. Googling would be cheating, but I'm fairly certain that the small eggs are the end.
That's based on the wisdom of menopause.


  1. My thought is that they are the beginning...which reminds me - as it was getting light this am, I thought about Bea having her first eggs - wonder where she will decide to lay them? Wonder if it will be a trauma, like a first period?

  2. I've been wondering about that also. When is the right time for "the talk." Do I tell her what I found out on the internet--that she will plop out eggs whenever or wherever and never give them another thought. Can we conquer "nature vs nurture"
    I wish you could see how delightful she is...aside from that whole unfit mother thing.

  3. ...Just a thought: Since she has never been a roamer, she may drop her first one where she spends the most time. Maybe introduce the infant carseat again - she may have made a passing bond with it? Just thinking... Now that I am on the mend, I can hardly wait to get to MN and see if she remembers me as "She Who showed me that this porridge is food" and "She Who found a warm light bulb on our first night in the man-cave". I can't wait. Next stop, Kansas, and we can talk...Luv. Even her still pictures show how captivating she is!!

  4. ...hey sistie, even unfit mothers can be producers of omelets...

  5. ...Also, *they* say "It's never too early for the talk, just be appropriate..." Don't know the behavior patterns of ducks (yet) but would she understand "nesting materials" in a certain place like hens can be trained to brooding or egg-gathering boxes?

  6. This is an interesting study since she is a *singleton* like a case study in her adaptation to learning everything from cues from humans; and intelligence. She seems to be very alert, tempted to say Intelligent. But I am biased...