Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I have a few things to share, but find it's easier to post in small amounts.
Mom had just returned from a walk in the hallway and was sitting up in her chair. I read a couple stories from Guideposts and she, Verla and I were visiting. .About an hour had passed and she said, "I think I'm ready to go for my walk."
I said, "Mom, you just walked about an hour ago, are you sure you want to go again?"
Verla then told me that the nurses have left it up to mom when she walks, there is no set schedule
"Yes," Mom smiled, "I canoe my own peddle."
Which is an expression she has used so often.
She then went on to explain where the phrase came from. Her grandmother was disgusted with another relative who was thinking of leaving her husband. Mom gave the dialogue in German, told us what it meant and that the response her Grandmother received was "But I vant to canoe my own peddle."

And, to quote another of her favorite phrases, "Don't we all?"

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  1. Ok, that made me laugh out loud. I guess since it is my 20th anniversary it really cracks me up, thought I've been peddling for a crowd for a while now!

    My gf and I were recently laughing about the phrases we will be remembered by - thank you for reminding me of gram's faves.