Saturday, April 16, 2011


the hospital today. Finally.
At least that is the plan.
But I am SO done with planning.
Mom is being discharged to Parker Oaks Care Facility
Who at first told the social worker that they do not do weekend admissions
Then Dr. Ingram (palliative care physician) intervened
And told them the Monday is Mom's birthday and neither he nor the family wanted her to spend her birthday in transit
They changed their mind
And told them he "owed them big"
(what do you suppose that means in their terms?)
Hopefully by the end of the day, Mom will be settled in her room. No tubes. No pokes. No hospital noise.
Maybe she can hear the birds chirp, see the faces of family, friends and have as much birthday cake as she wants.
We may even sneak in a puppy...but mum's the word on that one!

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