Monday, April 25, 2011


What a glorious resurrection day yesterday! We worshipped early in the morning in the crisp spring air and heard the proclamation of the women at the tomb, "he is not here, he is risen. Jesus is alive"
There is no denying that Mom's condition is deteriorating. Vaunda and I are with her tonight. We feel the power and strength of all of your prayers.


  1. Lifting your mom in prayer. Thinking of you all. Praying for strength, praying for peace. Praying our precious Heavenly Father will be very close to you all today and the days to come. Praying your mom will pass peacefully into the arms of our Savior when she is ready to go. She is a beautiful lady. She has been a beautiful example to her family. God's love and blessing to you all.

  2. Nina, Cindy said pretty much what I was going to say, we too continue to lift your mom and all of you in prayer throughout the days. Thank you for sharing your moms journey with us as well as yours, she is blessed with so many people who love her unconditionally. It makes me think of my loved ones who have faced the journey of "going home" and although at times it can be so overwhelming I would do it all over again just to have more time with them, but I know God prepared me for the life change for when they went home to be with Him just as he is preparing you. Be still and know that I am God, trust in Him with all your heart. God Bless my friend and know that we are here for you all.