Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Yesterday Mom seemed extremely tired and slept most of the day. She was subdued and quiet when awake.
She walked and sat in the chair. Verla read to Mom intermittently throughout the day. Mom was sleeping when I arrived--I waited as long as I could to wake her up and let her know that the grain markets had taken another leap. She has been so patient and optimistic about the markets and I'm "Chicken Little" in the equation. However, I felt compelled to make sure she took advantage of historic high prices.

So we sold some corn. And then she went back to sleep. And I wished we could turn back time and be at home where we would have a glass of wine together and a little toast to celebrate.

Lately it has felt like time is standing still in the hospital. It's like living in two completely different worlds.
I'm wondering if the same thing is happening with Mom.

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  1. I have thought about this post for a week now - how sweet it is to toast the end of a day with someone you love, to take the warmth of sunshine on your face for granted - hang in there. Sending you all lots of love.