Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It's the great pumpkin seed

As mentioned in a previous post, I've been cooking up some pumpkins. Sam's feeding  a few to the chickens and there are more stored away in the basement  When I was putting away the last of the fall decorations on Sunday, I decided to crack a couple open and see what happened. It was a three generation group effort as Olivia scooped the seeds out, I cooked them and Mom harvested the finished product. We now have 4 pints of pumpkin in the freezer and hope to do some baking with it in the coming weeks.

One of the pumpkins was a special variety from our friend and professional gardener, Barb. (Hi Barb!) The seeds were hull-less (?) . Sam loves roasted pumpkin seeds so I decided to try roasting some. Since I ran out of time and energy, I had left them in the frig. Tonight I pulled them out, did a final rinse and put them on a cookie sheet.
I tossed them with olive oil and some smoky sea salt I had bought at the co-op and roasted them at 350 for about 15 minutes. And they are so yummy--especially the dark ones!
I'm not sure if I will ever do this again--but it was fun and something I'd always wanted to try.

While we're in the kitchen, l feel a need to introduce the newest member of the family (as we are known for our propensity to assign human characteristics to inanimate objects).  After installing our new backsplash, the shiny chrome fixtures had to go, so I went fixture shopping. (Completely off-topic, but how does one's career path end in a plumbing showroom?? )
It was finally installed last week. I came home excited (yes, I mean it, I was totally looking forward to this moment) to see the new faucets. What I saw literally stopped me in my tracks as I gasped, "SWEET JESUS!"
I've named it Igor. It's getting better. At least I don't jump every time I see it. It's going to be ok.
I think.

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