Friday, November 5, 2010

"Why Treble in the Kitchen?"

you ask. Here's how it all started:
As I have been putting the house back together, re-hanging pictures, generally getting whatever decorating juices I possess flowing again, I've had to make a few changes. It's been fun to see everything come together, even though I thought I was content with bare walls and a home with zero personality. I felt maybe I was getting in touch with my inner minimalist, but one day instead of going through the garage, I entered the house through the front door. It was like I had hit the bland button--going from the beauty of fall colors and my elaborately decorated front yard and deck and into Beigeville.
With help from family and friends, I emptied boxes and totes of my stored decorating treasures. My copper collection again graces the south entry wall and family photos are back in their places. I added some new things along the way and love the way it turned out.
I had to make some hard choices along the way....

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