Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Treble

Ummm, am I taking this whole treble thing too far? Quite possibly. Have no fear, it will end soon, as soon as I finish my grand treble finale.

After church on Sunday, Denise, Amber, Olivia, Harrison and I headed to the Presbyterian church for their annual Swiss Steak Dinner (Attention Chicago Manual of Style freaks, myself first and foremost included, this event is worthy of capitalization) We decided to do take-out this year. Mom went to the dinner with Carolyn so we wanted to get in our comfy pants and plop at home and eat. The guys were deer hunting so we also figured we could eat their pie and then feign shock, surprise and outrage that "someone" must have forgotten to give it to us.

Mom arrived back home as we were finishing our lunch and quickly settled into her chair. Baby Harrison  fell asleep in her arms and the rest of us settled in to watch the Vikings . Denise was crocheting but soon was sound asleep. Mom's head nodded as she fought a losing battle to stay awake. Her arm was falling asleep so I took Harrison. On the love seat across from me, Amber's eyes were closed leaving Olivia and I to amuse ourselves--quietly--as Harrison was on my lap.

Here's a snippet of our whispered conversation:
"Omee, how do you know which one is a daddy deer and which one is a mommy deer?"
"The daddy deer have antlers," I replied holding my hands up on each side of my head to demonstrate.
"Those aren't antlers, they're horns," was her response.
"No, antlers"
I realize that I am trying to win an argument with  a 4-year old, "OK, horns then," I surrendered.
Olivia giggled with glee and said, "No they're not, they're antlers."
What can I say--I was set up. By a 4-year-old.

While Olivia played with her Barbies, I decided to take a few pictures of Harrison;

All that's missing is the background symphony of snoring. \
Here comes big sister

And I discovered the joy of a nap without ever closing my eyes.

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  1. Ah, I can almost smell his lovely baby smell (the good smell, you know, like when you put your nose on his heads and breath in deeply, not the poopie diaper smell but I figure you know what I mean).

    Babies are a wonder.