Monday, November 29, 2010

It feels good:

At the end of a dreary Monday, when a cold rain is forecast to turn into heavy wet snow, to be home where the temperature right now is hovering in the upper 70s. And I mean upper.

To not have backed into anything
 To not have run out of gas (with a newborn in the vehicle)
(May or may not be topics for future posts)
 To not have to watch, read or listen to any more Black Friday promotions
To have spent Black Friday entirely in my pjs, doing nothing more than wondering if I should get dressed.
To have spent time yesterday with this little guy and this big guy
And this sweet girl--who was the beneficiary of my $5 "while they last" scarcity mentality WalMart purchase
To have a cheap digital camera instead of relying on my phone. (Although I have a couple cute photos I can't find on it)

To have cooked 3 pumpkins
With a little help from Olivia and Mom.

To have postponed Monday night supper. And to have another week to get my house decorated and in order.
To have dinner thawing on the counter and just needing to be put in the oven. Don't judge until you've tasted this. I don't have the luxury of take-out, fast food or other options. I usually make every meal from scratch. Until I've discovered:
To have spent the time while dinner was in the oven reading to Mom: The Land Magazine, her first Christmas letter, pumpkin recipes and an Advent devotional.

To have surprised Sam with his favorite dessert.

To focus on the things that feel good.

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