Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Little Gary Larson to Get Things Started

In 1987 when I put a family cookbook together, Gary Larson's Far Side cartoons appeared in the daily paper. When our family would get together, inevitably at some point we would end up taking turns describing our favorites. Even the kids loved them--I can still hear Lukas taking his turn telling about the deer with a target on its chest standing with a group of other deer and the caption "Bummer Birthmark, Hal."

So it only seemed natural to include them in the cookbook. I used this one for the "Main Dish" section:


  1. I love the Far Side! I remember that deer one too. Classic.

  2. Great story! Isabel made me wretch outloud - with an audience of at least a dozen strangers - saying "this reminds me of the far side with the cockroach..please don't kill me, I have a wife and kids and a million eggs laid in the jelly" The guy is eating a pbj. I scolded her and she said "honestly, mom, we have the entire far side collection and you expect me to have a family circus sense of humor?!"