Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Big Storm Coming

With all that I have to do--year end info not yet to CPA for December 15 deadline, no Christmas decorating done, not one gift purchased etc etc, what did I just spend the past two hours doing?

Talking to Verizon (formerly fondly referred to by me as All-Hell) trying to get my broken mobile internet USB connection device replaced.

Without paying $199.00.

The third call yielded a glimmer of home--but if local dealer can't access the free upgrade deal, I may be forced to wait.

While they mail it to me

It may take a couple days.

Which could mean being snowed in for the next two days with no internet.

(pauses to wipe tears from keyboard and blow nose loudly)

...which means I might actually accomplish something at home

or end up in a thumb-sucking-hair-twisting fetal position.

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