Sunday, October 2, 2011

Duck Talk

I know, it's been way too long since I've blogged. So much has happened, it will take awhile to catch up. My computer is not being cooperative so I have to make this quick
September has been a roller coaster of emotions--fun vacation, frustration at our business, fabulous grandchildren and.....

Flirtations with fertility

In the dim light of early morning, I found an unexpected surprise in Bea's pen.
And, well, here's where we are now here is what I found out:

Indian Runners are an unusual breed of domestic duck. They stand erect like penguins and, rather than waddling, they run. The females usually lay about 150 – 200 eggs a year or more, depending whether they are from exhibition or utility strains. They were found on the Indonesian Islands of Lombok, Java and Bali where they were 'walked' to market and sold as egg-layers or for meat. These ducks do not fly and only rarely form nests and incubate their own eggs. They run or walk, often dropping their eggs wherever they happen to be.

Our Bea has been such a source of joy this summer. All this, and eggs too.

Another unexpected sight in the garage has been this

An African violet plant from Mom's funeral. Blooming. Under my care.
A miracle.

Blossoms and eggs.

In the midst of harvest.

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