Friday, October 21, 2011

Kindergarten Conversations

Since Olivia has started school, her communication skills are really changing. She's always been a good conversationalist but is becoming more curious about almost everything. I love listening to her monologue from the back seat as she assumes many roles--complete with accents--that totally crack me up. She really could be her own sitcom.

This morning Amber dropped her off to spend the day with me. As I was getting ready, we had this conversation:

Olivia:  Omee, where do you think Swiper (the sly fox character on the Dora cartoon series) lives?
Me:   I don't know--he's just pretend,you know. He's a cartoon character.
Olivia:  Do you think he lives in the forest? That's right. He lives in the forest.
Me: A pretend forest.
Olivia: Where do you think Dora lives?
Me:  You know Dora's not real either, she's just pretend.
Olivia: **shocked expression** DORA'S NOT REAL???
Me: Well, it depends on what you mean by real.....

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  1. Please don't tell her about Santa :)