Sunday, August 21, 2011

The post I write but can't post until later

Addie sent me a text at 11:04 this morning saying they had arrived at the hospital. I busied myself making lunch for Kent, Sam and I. Sam washed a dishpan full of cucumbers and I peeled garlic for a few jars of dills. My phone signal for a picture message went off, I looked at the clock, it was about 12:15. And there they were, Addie, Tedd and little Leo Alvin Cheney. Born 1 hr and 8 minutes after arriving at the hospital. 
The jars are still on the counter and the cucumbers are still in a pile. They will keep. We went right up to the hospital to see this new precious life. 

I wrote this post on Friday--Addie was fairly certain she was in labor. Which ended up waxing and waning throughout the weekend but obviously progressed. So now, I can freely share this story with you:

Sam and Frank are going for a boat ride with Rick on Lake Minnetonka today. We've had the week from hell here. Anything that could have gone wrong, did. Plus even stuff that we couldn't screw up, we did.

Phone conversation with Sam:
Sam:   We're on our way. Rick wants to know what kind of beer to get. What was the name of that beer I ordered when we took Addie out for her birthday?

Me--spoken:  I have no idea--that was like about 2 months ago.
Me--unspoken:  Are you #$%@** kidding me?

Sam:   I just called in case you might have remembered it. I guess I could call Addie.

Me--spoken:  I told you this morning that she thought she was IN LABOR. Maybe this would not be the best time to call her.
Me--unspoken: Are you #$%@** kidding me?

In the background, I hear Frank say, "Oh, is the baby coming today?"

Sam: I'll try calling her

Me: Well, good luck with that then.

About 30 minutes later:

Sam:  Well we made it to Nicollet. Frank is picking up some snacks. Rick says you need to fax the Sioux Center job address up to his office.

Me: OK, did you talk to Addie?

Sam: Yeah, but she was having a contraction, so she had to hang up before she could tell me the name of the beer. She texted it to me so we're good to go.

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  1. Love it - what a priceless story. Love the pictures of sweet baby Leo! I'm remembering all the cute lions from Isabel's lion phase (inc the lion birthday cake!) Poor mama in labor for days on end. Sometimes I could just strangle Eve.