Friday, January 28, 2011

We had been in the car

For about 9 hours. Finally made it to Atlanta.I had a stomach ache from the lunch I insisted on having from Sonic. It was getting a little intense. We were trying to follow the Mapquest directions to my sister's house. Zac had called with questions about a lien waiver.
I was having "a moment"
Sam picked this time to become extremely chatty about everything he was seeing along the way.
Normally, this is how we pass the time.
But I just couldn't handle it. So I said, "Please, no chit-chat right now."
Sam picked up on it right away, "I won't say another word."
We rode in silence for a few moments.

I looked out the window and saw a man riding a unicycle on a path in the park.
Not a word was spoken.


  1. Sadly, I think I know exactly who you're talking about, if you were anywhere near their house... We have a local unicyclist; he gets around pretty well.

  2. ...maybe mapquest directed you too far north...