Monday, January 31, 2011

They still can't believe

That yesterday they left the frozen tundra, had a good flight, watched the sunset over Tampa Bay as we crossed the Sunshine Skyway Bridge
(apologize for poor photo quality, taken with cell phone at approx 70 mph. But it was an amazing sunset that lasted all the way back here to the island)

Had dinner, went to bed
And woke up to this
So, in real time, here's what's happening right now


  1. I hope it's warmer than last year! Looks beautiful - enjoy :)

  2. Looks Heavenly! What a great time to be away from Minnesota as well :/

  3. Great pictures - thanks so much! Hi Mom! XOXO

  4. Nina - tried to change my profile ID but nothing else worked. Have done the research for the C and D that we talked about. I am very positive about it. Have located a "rated 10 out of 10" attorney by looking on line. Need to do the due diligence in the documentation, not too hard - mostly in the emails.

  5. "Music Director" Vaunda mentioned that you escaped the snowstorms unscathed, so I looked at your blog to see these enviable photos of sun and ocean. Glad that you are able to enjoy a great holiday! Susan Miller