Monday, January 31, 2011

Coffee talk

Scene 1: The kitchen, last night:
Finishing up the dishes and showing Louise the selection of coffee I've purchased. She is our designated barista here at the Hodge Podge Lodge.
Me: Louise, you're going to have to get up really early and make the coffee. The pot brews really slow.
Louise: How early?
Me: Well, probably about 5 if we're going to have coffee by 7
Insert comment: I am slightly prone to exaggeration
Scene 2: Our bedroom--early this morning
Me (mumbling to Sam): What time is it?
Sam (fumbling to look at clock):   5:13
Me: Do I smell coffee?
Fade to dark as we both roll over and go back to sleep
Scene 3: The kitchen 8 AM this morning
Louise: I'm heating some water up, the coffee is really strong.
Me: No problem, I like it that way.
Louise: It only takes a half an hour for the coffee to brew
Me: What time did you start it?
Louise: 5:00
Me: (Look of disbelief--then recognition of her literal interpretation of my coffee-making advice)
Louise: I thought you guys got up earlier last year.

I exit stage left to take Mom her coffee
Me: Here's your coffee, Louise says it might be a little strong
Mom: No problem, I like strong coffee.
Takes sip and hands the cup back to me
Mom: It's too strong
I exit stage right to add some hot water
Scene 4--The kitchen
Louise: I guess I'll use less coffee tomorrow
Me : And maybe not start quite so early.

Scene fade to black