Friday, September 24, 2010

A week from tomorrow

is the wedding. I'm home cleaning my house today. With all the needs to be done, here's what I'm doing:

Spray painting outlet covers.

Because I'm too cheap to buy new ones and I read a hint in Heloise. One can of Hammered Copper metallic paint and I'm feeling mighty fine about this little project.

Umm. I may have spoken too soon. A couple problems:
I should have been more careful with the tape--so took them off and am painting them outside
Light switch easy to do both on and off positions. Garbage disposal, a little more complicated.


  1. something to do with the metallic elements of the paint?

  2. LOVE THIS. I have recently been reading blog upon blog about "doing it yourself." This and painting an "accent" wall are on my short list. Glad to see everything is coming along splendid, cannot wait for the wedding!

  3. Preparing for a wedding, how fun! I bet everything is going to look wonderful! Visiting from Blog Frog!~Lisa

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