Thursday, September 23, 2010

An Inconvenient Deluge

About 3 pm yesterday the skies darkened, thunder rumbled, lightning criss-crossed the sky and rain began falling. It rained through the evening, all night long and continues to rain as I am writing this post. Our rain gauge is under a tree (don't even get me started about that situation) but it was overflowing at 5". I dumped it out. When I took Mom to her house, she said, "Look and see how much water is in the bucket."
"Mom, I can't tell for sure, there are tomatoes and a few cabbage leaves floating on top, but looks like about 8 inches"
But at least she didn't position her improvised rain gauge under a tree. Ok, so we may have to perform a few displacement theory calculations, but I'm guessing we're in the ballpark at 8 inches and counting.

So for those of us (and you) who are looking forward to the:
(Totally unrelated to this post, but I think we may have put the d's backwards.  Good thing they're just tacked on)

Let's be grateful that this record-breaking storm did not happen next week as we would have been rounding up boats instead of golf carts to transport you:

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