Monday, February 8, 2010

Starfish Part 2

We made another trip to Starfish Company when Addie and August on Thursday night--this time we managed to get a few photos of our food.

This is Louise's grilled grouper dinner--all of the dinners are served in boxes delivered piping hot to your picnic table

Here is my favorite dinner--the shrimp and grits


Sam had the Cortez special with scallops and fried oysters--indescribably delicious


Another satisfied customer


And, yes, I know. Mom is sunburned. She and Louise stayed at the beach too long, didn't wear sunscreen or their hats. They had a bunch of excuses along the lines of "We didn't think we would get a sunburn" and my favorite, "It wasn't sunny when we went down there"
 At least at 91 years 10 months, she's not too worried about wrinkles anymore...


  1. Dare I write this? When you mentioned that your mom is sunburned I looked at the picture and at first I thought she had a bikini top on under her shirt & jacket. The t-shirt color looks like sunburned skin and her glasses looked, at quick glance, like a top. I was thinking she was pretty hip for an almost 92 year old.

  2. Myrna,
    That is TOO a creepy kind of way..especially directed at a woman for whom modesty is the 11th commandment. But who knows what will happen after that little Kindle incident??