Friday, February 12, 2010


Lately, I've been thinking a lot about expectations--the unfulfilling, disappointing, unmet kind. For example, I'm not supposed to have to dress like this in Florida

But then I realize that I need to look at the big picture

And I realize that less than perfect weather is perfect when enjoyed with people you love. And who love you back.

Who have left this

for this

and this

and this

I didn't expect to have to spend two days getting treated for an eye inflammation 

But I enjoyed the treat for being a big girl at the doctor's office

We expected to enjoy this weekend with Lukas and Denise. But they will not be here--because of bad weather, no standby flights were available for them.

By now I thought Sam and I would have a nice tan and logged many hours of beach walking. Instead, we bundle up and walk when possible.

For me, it's about forgetting my expectations--and realizing that perhaps this month will not be remembered for its perfect weather, but rather for its perfect moments
And at the end of the day, a great piece of homemade lemon meringue pie and a beautiful sunset are really all that matter

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