Friday, January 22, 2010

Kindle Care

Last night as I was making dinner, Mom was sitting her chair watching the news. We were chatting and she was talking about the book she's currently listening to on the Kindle, The Confessional by Beverly Lewis. Mom says the story moves slowly but that suits her just fine because if she nods off, she doesn't miss much.

Mom mentioned that Kent (my brother) was asking her about how the Kindle works. This is what she says she told him, "Remember when Nina's kids were little and she put them in the baby swing while she made dinner. As long as she kept winding it up, they were fine. It's kind of like that. She puts the headphones on my head, pushes the button and it's instant quiet. She checks every now and then and plugs it in if the battery is running low."

Had her comparison not been so accurate, it might have occurred to me to either feel guilty or offended.

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