Friday, January 8, 2010

Chapter 3

Big Rex, the wise but not exactly brilliant elder rooster, got everyone's attention when he announced,
"Gather round my children. If we all work together, pecking in unison, this humble pumpkin will transform into a magical spaceship that will transport us to a land far, far away."

"It will  take us away from this godforsaken country to the warm land of Key West, Florida,land of our forefathers where we can roam free and live a life of dignity and worth"

"To roost atop the local bars and have our pictures taken by drunken  patrons"

The chickens all rushed into the pumpkin and began to peck in unison--anticipating a rapturous moment of harmonious convergence that would transport them to the land flowing with golden mash and sugar coated grit.

Would their fervent efforts be the "key" to a new life?

Or yet another ill-conceived binge motivated disaster?

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