Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I landed this big bad boy last week. It was a fight to the finish as I struggled to maneuver this warm juicy specimen through the small opening in the tomato cage. Sam and I took it along to the lake this past weekend but I didn’t have the heart to eat it until I’d shown it to Mom.

When we were all back home on Sunday night, I showed it to Mom. Even in its “must-go” condition, Tomatozilla wowed her. “It must weigh a pound,” she said.

“Oh, it has to be more than that,” I replied, “I’m thinking closer to two.” I took one more quick photo and then added it to my kettle of soup.

One of these days, I need to go back to garden and see if Tomatozilla has any competition lurking in the bush.


  1. Wow! Those are gorgeous tomatoes! Mine never look that good.

  2. Your tomatozilla and my goliath zucchini should get together! :) Thanks for finding me!