Monday, January 30, 2012

Mixed Missings

Bags are packed and lined up in the bedroom. Refrigerator is almost empty. Floors are clean. Need to pack my spices and a few pantry items and spend a "few hours" at work. Every aspect of this years trip is surrounded with nostalgia and well, an almost surreal, sense of peaceful sadness.

Things are going to be different this year. But I think I'm ok...I miss Mom every day and have so many great memories of our time at the beach. But there are a few things I'm really going to miss:

First and foremost: The letters! Mom loved the mail and Kent made sure that Mom received many letters. Just in case you want to drop us a line, we are changing our address this year to General Delivery, Holmes Beach, FL 34218. I promise to say, "She writes such a good letter."

2. Having the dishwasher emptied and fresh, hot coffee every morning courtesy of Louise.
3. Doing the Word Warp
4. Taking Mom her coffee in bed and having her come to breakfast in her pink flowered "housecoat"
5. Loading the moms up for a trip to Whole Foods
6. Lemon meringue pie and Mom's "knots"
7. Sentences that begin with "I wonder"

There are a couple things that won't be missed (but probably will)
1. Explaining for the umpteenth time the need for sunscreen, "Yes, you can still get sunburned even if you're under an umbrella and it's cloudy"
2. Treating a bad case of sunburn
3. Sentences that begin with "I wonder"

We are looking forward to visits from family and friends. I will try to keep the blog updated. Sam and I will be walking, resting, exploring, remembering and making more great memories.

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  1. Yes, even I thought of your mom when you said you were going. I will miss the little humorous snippets that your mom and aunt provided, like the one about the man changing clothes on the beach. :)