Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tick Tick Tick

I sat down at my desk this morning and felt something crawling on my forehead.
It was a wood tick.
I showed it to Sam.
I put it in the toilet
But I couldn't flush the toilet, more on that later
I came back to my desk and felt something crawling in my hair.
It was another wood tick
I showed it to Sam
I put it in the toilet
With the other tick who was learning to tread water
I came back to my desk and felt something crawling in my bra.
It was yet another wood tick.
I yelled at Sam, "There's another one!"
And put it in the toilet.
Tick number 1 was unsuccessful in his attempt to tread water (Die Sucka!)

I must have gotten all the ticks when I put the ducklings in the outdoor pen this morning. Yes, the ducklings. That I am actually cooking special food for and cleaning up after. The newly hatched ducklings that "someone" brought to Mom's visitation last Sunday. For Olivia. The ducklings that hopefully will be going to a new home tonight.

We don't have any water here because anything and everything associated with the well decided to crap out.
It just keeps getting better.

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