Sunday, May 8, 2011

The dark side

As if losing Mom and becoming violently ill with a stomach virus in a 12 hour period wasn't bad enough, I had the pleasure of working with an intern funeral director at our local funeral home.
Who was, are you ready for this, a former flight attendant.

I call her "Mortician Barbie"
My niece Ingrid's daughter remembered the ad line and said “she can be anything she wants to be, but probably shouldn’t.”

It's a long story filled with her inappropriate and sometimes bizarre marketing tactics:
"The vault is the most important purchase you will make. You can have it painted to match the casket"
Um, isn't this going under the ground?

"We keep a thumbprint on file in case you wish to order something from our jewelry line"
 Now that is just creepy.

I know this is a public blog, but I need to vent.

Because today she called me and left a message wishing me a happy mother's day.
She said how much she enjoyed getting to know us.
And that my mother's death certificates were ready to be picked up any time. She would be in between 11 and 4.

This couldn't have waited until tomorrow?


  1. Ah, tact... Or, rather, a certain lack thereof.

  2. I wonder if she is going to figure this out. I'm tempted to think you have to be born with such a ghastly lack of compassion and insight.